Catastrophe Response

In the aftermath of any catastrophic event, policyholders and claimants expect fast, responsive service. Crawford is uniquely equipped to handle the increases in volume, complexity and the additional stress and strain on the system of carrier infrastructure. In this space, we provide the latest information on how Crawford is responding to recent severe weather events/disasters and other major events.

Major Events

Crawford is the industry's leading independent adjusting resource for insurance claim management in response to natural and man-made disasters. In this section, you will find detailed information on our response to any major event Crawford is currently handling.

Analysis and Resources

During the last 70 years, Crawford has handled all kinds of property and casualty claims, both large and small. In this section, we share our expertise and lessons learned from select severe storms and other major events.


Italy hit by worst earthquake in 36 years
The most powerful earthquake since 1980 has toppled buildings and churches and caused boulders that rained down on towns and villages in central Italy.
Market Update: Hurricane Matthew
After tearing through the Caribbean, Hurricane Matthew has moved up the coast of the southeastern U.S., leaving a trail of coastal destruction, wind damage, and flooding.
Market Update: Hurricane Matthew
A team of Crawford Global Technical Services® adjusters is in Miami, awaiting their first opportunity to travel to affected areas including the Bahamas, after Hurricane Matthew made a ‘direct hit’ into the island on Thursday
Market Update: Crawford & Company® on Standby for Immediate Response as Tropical Storm Matthew Threatens Caribbean
Tropical Storm Matthew is now heading for the central Caribbean Sea and is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane later today or tonight, posing a threat to parts of the Caribbean basin and possibly parts of the U.S. later next week. Starting southeast of Puerto Rico and moving northwest, TS Matthew is producing heavy rain and strong winds. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for parts of the Lesser Antilles. Tropical storm watches have been issued for Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, meaning storm conditions are possible in this area, in this case within the next 36-48 hours. TS Matthew could then threaten Hispañola, Jamaica or parts of eastern Cuba as soon as early next week, likely as a hurricane. As weather forecasters monitor the progress of Matthew, they are watching for impacts in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas and U.S. East Coast.
Market Update: Italian Earthquake
At 02:36 local time on 24 August, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck the central Italian region 11km from Norcia PG. At the time of writing Italian media was reporting that the damage had tragically led to the deaths of at least 37 people with the figure expected to rise further.
Crawford Market Update: Flooding across Europe
Crawford & Company has mobilised its adjusting resources in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and our associate network in France (TEXA Global Solutions), following torrential rains across the continent.
Market Update: Rapid response to earthquake in Ecuador
Three days after a devastating earthquake in the central coastal region of Ecuador, adjusters from Crawford & Company’s Ecuadorian operation teamed up with colleagues from neighbouring countries to begin the claims handling process.
Market Update: Thunderstorms hit the UAE
Torrential rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, has drenched the Emirates in the past 10 hours. Some areas are very flooded in Dubai, particularly around the Jebel Ali area, causing gridlocked traffic and cars getting stuck in pools of water.  There is also flooding in Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates.